DKT-400 and ubuntu

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Since quite some time I already, I suffered from the problem that my wireless network at home got periodically stuck for several seconds. These problems usually started to appear after 20-30 minutes of using it. I don’t know whether this had to do with some handshake which happens from time to time (I’m using WPA2) or because the wireless USB adapter became more and more warm with time.

In addition, I could not use the network in all rooms at home…

A few weeks  ago I finally got a DKT-400 kit from DLink which they had at a local store (I decided not to wait any longer…). This consists of a DIR-635 base station (unfortunately they didn’t have any kit where the base station had an ADSL modem integrated) and a DWA-140 USB wireless adapter.

I don’t have much use for any bandwidth beyond the one of my ADSL line (which is 3 MBit/s), so buying 802.11n at first sight does not make much sense. However, I was hoping to benefit from features such as beam forming.

I plugged in the DWA-140 into a USB port of my laptop (ubuntu). The network device seems to appear as ‘ra0’, the kernel module which is loaded is rt2870sta, no need to run ndiswrapper.

I haven’t found out yet whether beam forming etc. is actually in use or not and it also seems that I can’t get beyond 54MBit/s (even when laptop is one meter away from the router). But everything seems to work fine so far, the wireless network connection works in places it did not before and I don’t experience the periodic network interruptions any more !

Now it would be interesting to check with which combination of old and new usb adapter and router the problem is present but on the other hand, why bother if the new combination works…


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