how to find out when the latest rpms were installed

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Some time ago I ran into a problem where suddenly nothing seemed to work any more on a given Linux machine. At least not those services which needed to run there. One suspicion was whether software was updated. One way to find this out is by querying the rpm install dates:

   rpm -qa --queryformat '%{INSTALLTIME} %{NAME}\n' | sort -nr | head

This shows the latest rpms installed on top. As I recognized the top ones that I installed myself a few days before, I knew that there were no rpms upgraded or installed which could be the origin of the problem I was seeing. The above command prints the install dates in unix time, quite unreadable to humans. To convert the times to human readable format, I used:

 rpm -qa --queryformat '%{INSTALLTIME} %{NAME}\n' | sort -nr | head | perl -ne '@words = split; print localtime($words[0]) . " : $words[1]\n"'

(Note that to use the correct ‘punctuation signs’ here is very important..)


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