A list of follow-ups on the recent CNGS/Opera result on the neutrino velocity

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As found on hep-ex on arXiv (no guarantee that this list is exhaustive, last updated 2011-10-06):

  • arXiv:1110.1162: Probing neutrino masses with neutrino-speed experiments
  • arXiv:1110.0821: Testing the OPERA Superluminal Neutrino Anomaly at the LHC
  • arXiv:1110.0736: Resolving 7 problems with OPERA’s superluminal neutrino experiment
  • arXiv:1110.0644: A classical model explaining the OPERA velocity paradox
  • arXiv:1110.0595: Is there a neutrino speed anomaly?
  • arXiv:1109.6667: Constraints and tests of the OPERA superluminal neutrinos
  • arXiv:1110.0424: How large is the fraction of superluminal neutrinos at OPERA?
  • arXiv:1110.0351: OPERA, SN1987a and energy dependence of superluminal neutrino velocity
  • arXiv:1110.0243: Using an Einstein’s idea to explain OPERA faster than light neutrinos.
  • arXiv:1110.0241: Superluminal Neutrinos at OPERA Confront Pion Decay Kinematics
  • arXiv:1110.0239: A simple explanation of OPERA results without strange physics
  • arXiv:1109.6631: Superluminal Neutrinos and a Curious Phenomenon in the Relativistic Quantum Hamilton-Jacobi Equation
  • arXiv:1109.6624: Superluminal neutrino and spontaneous breaking of Lorentz invariance
  • arXiv:1109.6562: New Constraints on Neutrino Velocities
  • arXiv:1109.6354: Neutrino Shortcuts in Spacetime
  • arXiv:1109.6296: On the Possibility of Superluminal Neutrino Propagation
  • arXiv:1109.6238: Comparison of muon and neutrino times from decays of mesons in the atmosphere
  • arXiv:1109.6097: Neutrino speed anomaly as a signal of Lorentz violation
  • arXiv:1109.5924: Mass-dependent Lorentz Violation and Neutrino Velocity
  • arXiv:1109.5749: Superluminal neutrinos at the OPERA?
  • arXiv:1109.5727: A possible statistical mechanism of anomalous neutrino velocity in OPERA experiment?
  • arXiv:1109.5721: A comment on the OPERA result and CPT
  • arXiv:1109.5671: OPERA’s superluminal muon-neutrino velocity and an FPS-type model of Lorentz violation
  • arXiv:1109.5599: Comments on the recent velocity measurement of the muon neutrinos by the OPERA Collaboration
  • arXiv:1109.5368: Inconsistence of super-luminal Opera neutrino speed with SN1987A neutrinos burst and with flavor neutrino mixing
  • arXiv:1109.4980: Superluminal neutrinos in long baseline experiments and SN1987a

Here is the original OPERA preprint: arXiv:1109.4897: Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam


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